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prof. habil. dr. Audrius Maruška

Audrius Maruška



Analytical chemistry, molecular recognition, development of microseparation techniques, capillary electrophoresis, phytochemical analysis, food analysis, proteome analysis, synthesis of novel stationary phases for liquid nanochromatography and electrochromatography, material science, synthesis of nanostructured materials


1992-1993, A.v.Humboldt Fellow at Mainz University (Germany),

1995 Sept.–1996 Feb. – Marburg University (Germany)

1997 May–Sept., 1998 Sept.-Dec., 1999 April-Aug.; 2000 June-August, 2001 June-August, 2002 July-August –Vennergren Foundation visiting Professor at Uppsala University (Sweden)

2000 Oct.-Nov. – DAAD Research Scientist at Kassel University (Germany)

2003 May – Marburg University

2005 June, July – Inst. Of Chem. Methodolog. Rome (Italy), NATO

2008 lapkrt. – Ecole Centrale, Lyon, (France)


•Research leader of the project on “Normal phase capillary electrochromatography”granted by Lithuanian Science and Studies Foundation (Nr. 305, March 1998 –March 1999).

•Coordinator of the cooperative research project with Marburg University (Germany) entitled “Preparation and investigation of polyrotaxane based monolithic beds and homogeneous gels for capillary liquid chromatography and electrochromatography”, granted by Volkswagen Foundation (Germany), Dec., 1999 – July, 2003.

•Coordinator of the cooperative research project with Uppsala University (Sweden) entitled “Continuous bed-based restricted access media for direct analysis of biological fluids using nano-liquid chromatography” granted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, July, 2000-June, 2002. Sept. 2005– Aug. 2006

•Research leader of the research group within the cooperative project with Mainz University and Merck KGaA (Germany) entitled

“Development, characterization and tests of monolithic capillary columns for proteome analysis” granted by E. Merck Foundation, Jan., 2002 –Dec., 2002.

•Research leader of the project on “Monolithic stationary phases for capillary electrochromatography” granted by AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company, Molndal (Sweden) Jan., 2002-Dec., 2003; Aug. 2004-June, 2005.

•National research program „Industrial biotechnology“ project „Increase of quality of raw materialo f medicinal plants using plant biotechnology (VAISTABIOTAS)“ (Coordinator Prof. J. Proscevičius;), 2007 – 2009 (LVMSF Nr. N-14/2007). Research leader of the analytical group.

•ECONET (France) project: „Implementation in Lab-on-a-Chip of Simultaneous Sample Preparation and Analysis of Biological Fluids“ in cooperation with Lyon University (France), 2007-2008, research leader of the partner group.

• National research program „Safe and healthy food“: project „Increased biological value and safer food product development using solid state fermentation of plant material with bacteriocins producing lactic acid bacteria“  (Nr. SVE-409/2011). 2011 10 01–2013 12 31., VMU, KTU, LUHS, JSC „Fazer kepyklos“, Project coordinator.

•Participates in  Erasmus Exchange of teaching staff.

Membership of professional associations

Member of Lithuanian Humbolthians Society, President of Nordic Separation Science Society (NoSSS) since 2007. (re-elected in 2009 and 2011.) 2008 Copernicus University in Torun Senate Memorial medal for scientific cooperation



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