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dr. Violeta Vaitkevičienė

Violeta Vaitkevičienė



The research and synthesis related to the organic photoreceptors. Research related to 14C solubility and sorption on raw ion-exchange resins as well as in cemented matrix. Numerical modeling of solubility and sorption of radionuclides in the engineering barriers in very near field of hypothetical repository for spent nuclear fuel and impact of the chemistry of radionuclides to the migration from near surface repositories. Water analysis.



Postdoctoral Fellowship Implementation in Lithuania within the framework of the Measure for Enhancing Mobility of Scholars and Other Researchers and the Promotion of Student Research (VP1-3.1-ŠMM-01) of the Program of Human Resources Development Action Plan.


Decommissioning project for ignalina npp unit 2 final Shut down and defuelling phase. S/14-1037.8.9/EIAR-DRe/R:5. Associate.


Landfill Facility for Short-Lived Very Low Level Waste (B19). Associate.


Organic electronic materials and devices for energy-saving technologies. C-07032.




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